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My Photo Page

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Here you'll find various nice pics taken by me.

I use NIKON F-410 AF with NIKKOR AF 28-70mm/1:3.5-4.5 D, 20-35mm/1:2.8 D,
50mm/1:1.8, 70-210mm/1:4-5.6 D objectives, and pocket MINOLTA AF-C.

 1. My Hometown Novi Sad  (before bombing)
 2. Petrovaradin Fortress on The Danube  across Novi Sad
 3. Parks and Nature 
 5. Urban Area
 6. Field Trips
 7. People Around Me
 8. Me
 9. Destruction   NATO heavily bombed Novi Sad and Yugoslavia (24.03-09.06.1999.)
10. Misc

Marjan Systems and ForceMajeure
by Marjan Urekar