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My Studio Equipment

Keyboards and Synthesizers

* KORG Trinity Plus Workstation Keyboard
* KORG Polysix PS-6 Analog Synth
* KORG Poly800 Mk I Synth
* ROLAND Juno-106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer
* ROLAND JX-3P Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ PG-200 Programmer
* YAMAHA TX16W Digital Wave Filtering Sampler w/ 3MB RAM
* KAWAI K1r II Digital Synthesizer Module
* CRUMAR Compac Piano
* FARFISA MM/132 Electronic Organ

Drum Machines

* ROLAND TR-606 Drumatix Rhythym Machine
* OBERHEIM DX Drum Machine

Toy/Mini Keyboards

* DUBREQ Stylophone
* GAMMA PG-2 Stylophone  (CCCP !!!)
* CASIO SA-8 Tone Bank Keyboard
* CASIO SA-20 Tone Bank Keyboard                            (x 3)
* CASIO CA-110 Tone Bank Keyboard
* CASIO PT-10 Keyboard
* CASIO EP-10 Keyboard
* YAMAHA PSS-130 PortaSound Keyboard
* YAMAHA PSS-??? PortaSound Keyboard (unknown model)
* FUJITONE I Keyboard                                                 (X 5)
* FUJITONE 3A Stereo Electronic Keyboard                   (X 3)
* FUJITONE TF-0194/2030 Compact Keyboard
* SATELLITE AJ430 Stereo Electronic Keyboard
* SINGAPORE STAR Echo Piano Electronic Keyboard
* BONTEMPI B10 Electronic Mini-Keyboard
* EK-88B Mini-Keyboard                                                (X 2)
* BM Elektrofon Mini-Keyboard
* RJP Model No.812 Mini-Keyboard
* CE Excel-O-Tone Mini-Keyboard
* MEIDASI Mini-Keyboard                                              (X 7)
* GOLDEN CAMEL XH-9771 Mini-Keyboard
* INTERSOUND MT-1 Melody Keyboard
* CREATOY Melody Organ
* CREATOY Piano/Voice/Animals Mini-Keyboard ("Morphium")
* LITTLE ANGEL HY-8B Mini-Keyboard
* ELECTRON HC-02 Echo Mini Piano Micro-Keyboard     (X 2)
* KRZYS Organy Elektronowe Mini Organ
* FAZMI Mini-Synth     (CCCP !!!)
* PILLE Mini-Synth      (CCCP !!!)                                   (X 2)
* MALJISH Mini-Synth  (CCCP !!!)
* GRABER-ROGG CTX1300 Air-Organ

Sound Generators/Toys

* KEYLER Key Chain Effect Tone Generator                   (X 5)
* SOUNDMACHINE Key Chain Effect Tone Generator
* ES-8000 Super Talking Brick Game 8000 in 1
* SOUND WORLD Animal Voices Effect Generator
* LIH GUH Play & Learn Animal Voices Effect Generator
* LIH GUH Sea & Sun Tone Generator
* CREATOY Steering Wheel Effect Generator
* LING Steering Wheel Effect Generator
* SIEMENO Fake Mobile Phone Sounds Generator
* TALKING CASH REGISTER Sound Generator                (X2)
* CF898 Talkback Robot
* ROCKn'ROLL Mini Guitar Sound Generator
* SUPERDISCMAN Mini Guitar Riff Player
* VOICE ECHO DRUMS Rhythm Player
* RHYTHM OWL Drums Player
* RADIO DRUMMER Rhythm Player
* LASER GUN Sound Effects Generator
* GALAXY GUN 2001 Sound Effects Generator
* GOOD NIGHT MELODIES Animal Voices Effect Generator
* TALBOT Bee Smart Electronic Musical Calculator

Effects / Processors

* ALESIS NanoVerb Digital Effect Processor
* IBANEZ DM1000 Digital Delay
* IBANEZ AD9 Analog Delay
* TRUMP SC-4 Stereo Chorus (CCCP !!!)
* BOSS HF-2 HiBand Flanger
* BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay
* HQS ELECTRONIC EQ-1080 7-Band Stereo EQ / 2X25W Amplifier
* SHARP 7-Band Stereo EQ
* SANYO 5-Band Stereo EQ
* COLOROFON C-33 B  3-Band Audio Splitter


* KORG XVP-10 Expression/Volume Pedal
* SIEL Expression/Volume Pedal
* STUZZI SF100 Double Switch Pedal
* LOGIC 3  Top Drive Model JT426 Dual Analog Pedal
* QUICKSHOT QS-113 Analog Joystick
* COMPETITION Pro PC Analog Joystick
* ATARI Analog Joystick
* RADIO SHACK Analog Joystick

Tape Recorders

* TECHNICS RS-B305 Stereo Cassette Deck
* PANASONIC Model No. RQ-8100 Cassette/Program Recorder
* SONY TCM-3 Cassette-Corder
* SHARP Model RD-505D Solid State Tape Recorder
* COMMODORE 1530 Datassette
* UHER Digital F Plus Telephone-Answering System


* SEAK MMR13 Model V 8-Channel Mixer


* INTERSOUND SMK-5 Stereo Microphone
* ABA UDM-606 Uni-Directional Microphone


* YAMAHA YM-303 Stereo Headphones
* SOUNDLAB Multimedia Stereo Headphones w/ Mic

Power Amplifiers and Speakers

* TECHNICS SU-V560 2X105W Class AA Stereo Integrated Amplifier
* Ei HI-FI 2x60W Stereo Amplifier / Receiver
* Ei Stereo 4-System 120W Stereo Speakers
* KOSS HD-50 4.5W PC Stereo Speakers

Acoustic Instruments

* CREMONA Acoustic Guitar
* BONTEMPI Avril Mouth Piano
* BONTEMPI Block Flute
* GOLDEN BUTTERFLY Mid-Sized Mouth Harmonica
* FAVORIT Mouth Harmonica


* TECHNICS SL-PG570A Compact Disc Player
* TECHNICS ST-G470L PXS cap. Quartz Synthesizer LW/MW/FM Stereo Tuner
* SABA RCP 630 Stereo Radio Cassette Portable
* SONY ICF-12L FM/LW 2 Band Pocket Sized Portable Radio
* RFT Ziphona Solid Mono Gramophone Player


* ATARI STF1040 1.5MB RAM + SM124 Monitor w/ Cubase
* SINCLAIR ZX48 Spectrum
* COMMODORE C64                                                       (X 4)
* Pentium P200MMX/128MB/Windows98 OSR2/AWE64

DIY Stuff

* Various things - to be updated

    Marjan Systems and ForceMajeure
by Marjan Urekar